Letting Report, LLC

For over a decade, Letting Report, LLC has served the Heavy Highway Construction industry with targeted market data. Industry Leaders, Banks, Sureties, and contractors of all sizes use our reporting to make data-driven decisions.

We're honored to serve the finest names in the industry.

Letting Report, LLC provides structured letting data for top markets in the US. We collect Letting Results from various DOT's, conform it, structure it, and deliver to industry leaders in a consistent useable format each month.

Our formatted executive-style publication, "The Letting Report" has been in circulation for over ten years. Top contractors use it to gain instant insights into market conditions with tables, charts and graphs that allow them to trend the market and spot opportunities.

Our Excel-based datasets simple format allow you & your organization instant ad-hoc analysis. Scroll down to read more . . .  

1) Bid Results Dataset (Excel)

We've been collecting bid tabs from DOTs for a long time - we use this data to create our monthly Letting Report publications.

We've taken it a step further by offering you our Bid Results Dataset delivered to you each month via email in an Excel-based report.

Each monthly report includes two tabs:

Summary - current year-to-date performance for each contractor participating in the current year along with historical context from previous year's (choose 1 yr, 3 yr, or 5 yr history).

Details - a simple flat-file detailing every project, all the bids placed & the contractors that placed the bids.

Use our Bid Results Dataset "as-is" for instant ad-hoc analysis or import it into your own analytics tool such as MS Power BI or Tableau.

Available in all states we cover.

2) Monthly Letting Report publication (PDF)

The Letting Report monthly publication is our original report that's been in circulation for over ten years. It's an executive-style PDF report that's distributed monthly via email. Industry Leaders have been using the monthly Letting Report to trend the market & spot opportunities for over a decade.

Included in each monthly edition are tables, charts and graphs that allow you instant insights into the Heavy Highway Construction industry.

The Letting Report is updated & distributed monthly, so you always have the latest perspective on Year-to-Date market information.

Available in: FL, GA, NC, SC, TX & VA

3) Trended Backlog Dataset (Excel)

Available in: FL, NC & TX only.

We collect contract status reports from the referenced DOT's each month and trend each contractor's backlog per quarter.

We use this same data in our Letting Report publications to create the Backlog Sections for these same referenced states. We've taken it a step further by trending the data in quarterly snapshots included in the Trended Backlog Dataset.

Quarterly Excel-based report with two tabs:

Summary - highlights the change in each contractor's backlog over a given duration.

Details - each contracts per contractor per each quarter end.

Choose your trended history - 1yr, 3yrs, 5 yrs.

4) TX Bid Item Details (Excel)

Monthly Excel-based reporting, exclusive to TX only.

File is a complete listing of every project included in the given month's letting.

Monthly report includes multiple tabs:

Summary - summarizes months letting volume & winning contractor.

Project Tabs - each project in the given month's letting is placed in its own individual tab, down to Bid Item Details & unit bid price.

Perfect source for endless analytics. Reports are specific to the month they're distributed in and provides a systematic method to collect bid item details for every job included in the monthly lettings.