Letting Report Product Samples

Letting Report, LLC provides the following samples per state & reporting type for you to preview our reporting products.

Note: Letting Report publication (PDF) samples are actual editions that were sent to our customers. The Excel-based reports are prepared samples intended to highlight format and content. They have been condensed, redacted and modified to serve as samples only.

Bid Results Dataset

Our Bid Result Dataset files are Excel-based and distributed monthly via email. Service begins with the most recent reporting month and continues for an annual duration.

File includes two tabs:

1) Summary - current year-to-date performance for each contractor participating in the current year along with historical context from previous year's (choose 1 yr, 3 yr, or 5 yr history).

2) Details - a simple flat-file detailing every project in the chosen duration along with bids placed & the contractors that placed the bids.

All reports highlight current year-to-date bidding metrics. Choose your history - 1yr, 3yr or 5yr.

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Monthly Letting Report PDFs

Our executive-style monthly Letting Report publications are distributed monthly.

They're formatted PDF report with tables, charts and graphs to give you instant perspective on the market. Click on a state below to see an actual distribution report.

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Trended BackLog Dataset

Excel based reports delivered quarterly via email. Each quarter-end, we take a snapshot of the referenced states contractor status reports and trend the quarterly snapshots for the current year and the history you choose (1yr, 3yr & 5yr).

Includes two tabs:

Summary - listing of all contractors and the backlog given at each quarter end.

Details - each project as of the quarterly ending period.

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TX Bid Item Details Dataset

Our Monthly Excel based report highlighting bid item details and unit bid prices for each project included in current month's letting. Summary page provides an overview of the month's letting activity and a detail tab is provided for every project included - down to bid item details and unit bid prices per contractor. Service begins with current month's reporting and runs for a full calendar year.

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